We have been a reliable partner for lighting products in Switzerland for over 20 years. We advise lighting planners and lighting designers, electrical planners and architects for indoor and garden lighting. 29 employees work for the benefit of our customers on a daily basis at our company headquarters in Böckten in the canton of Basel or as sales consultants in all language regions of Switzerland. End customers can find our luminaires in specialist stores or order them directly from their trusted installers.

We have the right products for living rooms, workspaces, all types of commercial buildings, public spaces, homes, hospitals, clinics, production and logistics areas, parking garages and car parks, hotels, restaurants and retail spaces. Our product portfolio includes in-house designs, as well as a fine selection of third-party products. Our promise to you: quality, durability and product safety.

Our product range is constantly being expanded and adapted to the changing requirements of the market and our customers. In addition to our well-known spotlights, wall lights, ceiling lights and garden lights, as well as our selected designer luminaires for projects and living spaces, we also offer a comprehensive range of custom-designed LED aluminium profile lights and LED strip lights for a wide range of applications. Our Premium «S» and Premium «L» FIRALED ® LED modules have been used with great success in all types of projects over the years. The FiraDim® Universal Dimmer for our LED lights that we developed especially for the Swiss market is available exclusively from us.

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      We understand that the needs of each company are different, and as such our project is very flexible to fit the requirements of each company. Join us today - our project our consultants and a dedicated research team will work closely with you to identify the types of partners or customers that you are looking for and the markets you wish to develop.