AR Packaging is one of Europe’s leading companies in the packaging sector with a turnover of some EUR 600 million and 3 300 employees in 19 factories in eleven countries. AR Packaging was formed in 2011. The group creates added value to customers by a broad product offering and deep knowledge of packaging.

At A&R Carton, we have extensive experience in developing packaging and packaging solutions for companies within many different market areas. We understand the demands of the different target groups and their customers. Our broad knowledge, in-depth experience and our passion for packaging makes us the perfect partner.

For decades, we have had strong partnerships with our customers to find powerful ways of protecting and promoting their products. Developing new ways of assisting and helping the end-user to make better use of their purchase – and in this way increasing our customers brand value and sales – is our passion. With literally thousands of ideas and solutions we can strengthen your brand and attract new customers. We understand the importance of your product’s shelf impact. We prioritise your packaging solution’s ability to be reproduced in everything from neutral to lacquers, shapes, embossing and more. Whatever your needs, A&R Carton solutions add power to your product.

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      We know where your customers are but do you?
      We understand that the needs of each company are different, and as such our project is very flexible to fit the requirements of each company. Join us today - our project our consultants and a dedicated research team will work closely with you to identify the types of partners or customers that you are looking for and the markets you wish to develop.